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European company

News concerning agreements on the involvement of workers in the SE

16 May 2007
Scor: the reinsurance group chose a committee common to the three European companies to represent its employees
Staff and management representatives involved in the Scor group’s three special negotiation body came to result that could inspire others companies. One the one hand, because it is the first European company created under the French law. On the other hand, they adopted, on May 14, three agreements setting up a staff representation body common to all three European companies. The agreements are about to be signed. This article explains the method, and a future dispatch will be specifically dedicated to the...
European company
19 April 2007
Porsche: the car manufacturer will adopt the European Company (EC) status in June 2007
Following its takeover of Volkswagen, the luxury car manufacturer announced that it wanted to try to transform into an EC, through the creation of a holding company. Even though the measure will only have an impact – in the first time at least – on Porsche, the latter will have control of Volkswagen. The consequences on employees’ representation in both companies are not certain yet. (Ref. 070361)
European company
11 December 2006
Strabag SE : difficult beginning for the agreement on workers’ representation in the SE
Registered as a European company, on October 12th, 2004, Strabag, the Austrian and European construction firm, finally concluded an agreement on workers’ representation in May 2006. Broadly inspired by the Austrian joint management system, the latter will have to be adapted as soon as certain juridical problems linked to the restructuring of the German branch and its incorporation in the group will be solved. (Ref. 061243)
European company
30 November 2006
MAN Diesel SE: the agreement on workers’ representation in the European company broadly designed on the German co-management model
MAN Diesel, a world leader in diesel engines, chose to maintain the existing dual structure. The firm’s head office remains in Augsburg. The directorate is supervised by a board of directors composed of 12 members reduced to 10 in the European company so as to facilitate “decision-making and effectiveness”. The principle of equal representation is preserved. The five workers’...
European company