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European Framework Agreement

12 March 2019
Unilever: agreement signed with EWC on the ‘Future of Work’ to support retraining of workers and the development of employment models that are more compatible with their expectations
On Wednesday 5 March, the management at consumer goods group Unilever signed an agreement on the ‘future of work’ with its European Works Council. The deal sets out jointly-devised measures, to be funded by Unilever, to put in place a common programme to support transformation at the group.
European Framework Agreement
4 December 2018
Groupama : EWC and management have signed a joint declaration on ‘quality of life at work’ with special emphasis on the impact of digitalization
Trade union federation Uni Europa published the information that on 01 July 2018 a joint declaration was signed by the social partners of the Groupama SA EWC (represented by its secretary) and the group’s CEO, which translates ‘the signatories commitment to promoting an innovative approach and a shared vocabulary as regards quality of life at work as an avenue for supporting how...
European Framework Agreement
18 April 2018
Schreiber: EWC, EFFAT and management signatures to a declaration on inclusion, diversity and equality at the workplace
On 05 April during the EWC annual meeting the milk products group signed with the European Federation of Food, Agriculture and Tourism Trade Unions (EFFAT) a declaration on inclusion, diversity and equality at the workplace. In it the parties commit to ‘enforcing effective measures aimed at achieving real equality between women and men and eliminate any direct or indirect discrimination based on religion, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, political beliefs, trade union membership or any other personal or...
European Framework Agreement
27 March 2018
Solvay: signing of a charter on the recognition of employee representative skills
On 28 February, Solvay CEO, Jean-Pierre Clamadieu and EWC coordinator Albert Kruft together signed the first European text that recognizes skills acquired by those undertaking employee representation mandates so as to promote their employability and include their representation activity as part of their professional development path. In May 2017 the Belgian chemicals group negotiated a similar agreement with its French BU (UES)*, (c.f. article No. 10189) and this new Charter transposes the content Europe-wide.
European Framework Agreement
22 December 2017
ENGIE: signature of a new European agreement on professional equality between women and men
On 21 December 2017, ENGIE and the European Trade Union Federations IndustriAll Europe, EPSU and EFBWW signed a new European agreement extending that of June 2012 on professional equality between women and men (c.f. article No. 120368). As in 2012 the energy group commits to guaranteeing equal opportunity in the field of recruitment, fairness in terms of career development, equal access to occupational training as well as equal pay for women and men for equal work or for work, which is of equal value. This...
European Framework Agreement
30 November 2017
Italy: UniCredit and its EWC sign a joint declaration on work-life balance
This declaration is a first in Europe’s banking sector. It sets out a series of measures that recognize workers’ skills and working time, whilst also respecting their private lives at a time when technological innovation is changing working arrangements. This declaration sets some common principles for all countries where UniCredit has a presence to ensure the appropriate use of digital communication tools, facilitate flexible workplaces and working hours, and promote both workers’ wellbeing and changing...
European Framework Agreement
21 September 2017
Generali: joint European declaration promoting teleworking
Italy’s insurance group Generali is looking to develop teleworking as one of the aspects of smart working. Management and the EWC select committee signed a declaration on 16 May 2017 whereby they ‘intend to support entities in the different regions to establish an innovative working environment that is in the interests of both the employers and the employees.’
European Framework Agreement
19 September 2017
Safran: renews its European Framework Agreement for Professional Integration of Young People
On 19 September, Safran Group together with the European Industry Union Federation, IndustriALL Europe, renewed the European Framework Agreement for Professional Integration of Young People, which was first signed in 2013. Retaining the same goal of facilitating its hiring momentum as well as the professional integration of young people, the new text notably strengthens its quantitative goals and how it recognizes the status of tutor.
European Framework Agreement
15 June 2017
Barilla: signs a health and safety European agreement
On 31 May the European Federation of Food, Agriculture and Tourism Trade Unions (EFFAT) together with members of Barilla Group’s EWC in representation of their respective trade unions signed a health and safety agreement with management at the Italian agri-food Barilla Group. The goal of the agreement is ‘to set out guidelines to promote better and broader preventative health and safety measures across the group’s sites, also against psychosocial risks and work-related stress,’ by focusing on social...
European Framework Agreement
18 May 2017
Schneider Electric: a European agreement on the anticipation and development of competencies and employment with respect to its business strategy
On 18 May the world leader in energy management and automation solutions together with the European union federation, IndustriAll Europe, signed an agreement with that ‘sets out the minimum shared principles, which may serve as a frame of reference for all of the European entities with the aim of encouraging forward planning in anticipation and development of jobs and their possible...
European Framework Agreement