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European Framework Agreement

11 April 2016
ENGIE: signature of a European Agreement to safeguard workers’ employability as the group undergoes its business transformation
On 08 April, the energy group together with three European union federations – IndustriALL Europe, EPSU (European Public Services Union and the EFBW (European Federation of Building and Woodworkers) – signed a European agreement that aims to especially allow each employee to build his/her career path in the group against a backdrop of organizational change, emphasized the signatories’ joint statement. This “European Social Agreement” reaffirms and strengthens the Employment Skills and Planning...
European Framework Agreement
23 February 2016
Deutsche Bahn: the EWC negotiates its first ‘European social plan’
Well-known German rail operator Deutsche Bahn is to divide its accounting businesses across three new centers. For Europe, the Global Accounting Shared Service Center Europe will no longer operate from Germany but instead will move to Romania’s capital city, Bucharest. To smooth out the social consequences of this merger/relocation operation the Deutsche Bahn EWC has succeeded in securing an agreement that amounts to a real “European social plan” covering all the employees affected across almost 26 European...
European Framework Agreement
25 May 2015
Sodexo: EWC and management sign an agreement on older workers
On March 04 2015, the French food services company together with its EWC signed an agreement on ‘older workers’. It now goes on to form an integral part of Sodexo’s diversity and inclusion policy that is policy based on five areas one of which covers intergenerational aspects. The agreement looks to develop older workers’ policies and promote recognition for their experience in businesses none currently exist.
European Framework Agreement
1 April 2015
Suez Environnement: signature of a European agreement on gender equality in the workplace
Together, Suez Environnement, the European Federation of Public Service Unions EPSU, and the special negotiation group for the agreement, signed on March 31, a European agreement on gender equality in the workplace. In the context of GDF Suez’s deconsolidation, Suez Environnement was committed to taking up the transnational agreements previously signed by the former parent company. An agreement on health and safety was signed in June 2012 and now the agreement on gender equality will be transferred over. This...
European Framework Agreement
30 March 2015
Safran: European framework agreement for developing skills and career paths
On March 25 the French company together with the European union federation IndustriALL Europe signed an agreement on professional and occupational development. The agreement contains some common principles that form the basis for action plans that will be developed at local level as well as a set of best practices that were identified during the preparation phase of the agreement.
European Framework Agreement
4 February 2015
Barclays: launches the Barclays Europe Alliance and the Group’s EWC also signed its charter of responsibility
On January 27, Barclays EWC, also known as BGEF (Barclays Group European Forum), together with the banking group’s management signed a revised charter for a responsible bank throughout Europe. The previous day the Barclays Europe Alliance was launched during a UNI Finance meeting. The new Alliance aims to develop cross border solidarity for employees and promote constructive social dialogue, working closely with the BGEF.  This Alliance echoes the Barclays Africa Alliance and going forward both will look to...
European Framework Agreement
29 January 2015
SCOR: signs a charter on professional equality with the EWC
On January 29, the reinsurance group together with the Common European Companies Committee (SCOR comprises three European Companies – Societas Europeae) signed a charter on professional equality.  The charter forms the basis that defines common values for all the countries across Europe and in Switzerland in which the group has a presence. It contains objectives, policies and initiatives for the three-year period between 2014-2017 that aim to bring about real diversity.
European Framework Agreement