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European Framework Agreement

28 November 2014
GDF Suez: European agreement signed to improve the quality of working life
On 27 November, the energy company signed a European agreement, with the European Federation of Public Service Unions (EPSU) and IndustriAll Europe, to improve the quality of working life. The agreement sets out a framework of reference which allows, in all the group’s entities, movement to “improve the quality of working life, through social dialogue and the involvement of all the company’s stakeholders”. To this end, the agreement defines a common methodology which attributes importance to employees’...
European Framework Agreement
17 September 2014
BNP Paribas: European agreement on professional equality signed
Yesterday, September 16, 2014, BNP Paribas signed an agreement with the European Federation Union UNI Europa Finance and the European Federation of Finance Company Executives (FECEC), and its European Works Council on professional equality. This is the second agreement that BNP Paribas has signed at the European level, the first being the Strategic Workforce Planning (SWP) agreement.
European Framework Agreement
1 April 2014
Michelin: European framework agreement on CSR signed with the EWC
This agreement, negotiated with the extended EWC bureau and validated by the plenary body, was signed on March 26.  This CSR agreement contains commitments to comply with international standards, as well as more detailed provisions on equal opportunities, the organization of labor and health and safety.  Characterized by the company’s situation, which signed in recent months agreements arranging working conditions to improve competitiveness in a few European countries, the agreement supervises and implements...
European Framework Agreement
21 January 2014
Air France-KLM: framework agreement to accompany change in the freight airlines, Air France Cargo and KLM Martinair, in Europe
This is the 4th method agreement designed to accompany the transformation of an activity signed between the airline and its European Works Council (EWC).  Signed on December 9, 2013, this text aims to supervise the impact of the synergies that will be created between AF Cargo and KLM Martinair, the two freight companies, to survive in their competitive environment.
European Framework Agreement
20 January 2014
Pernod Ricard: new European CSR agreement
The French wine and spirits group signed, on January 7, a European CSR agreement with EFFAT, the European trade union federation.  Covering of a lot of themes – 24 pages with commitments on the environment, governance, responsible consumption, respect of customers and consumers and development of local cultures –, it is also precise on HR issues such as the working environment, skills management, the introduction of foreplanning for all employees or even the anticipation of change.  Non-European companies and/or companies that are or not 100% owned by Pernod Ricard are encouraged to join.
European Framework Agreement
14 October 2013
Air France-KLM: EWC and management sign Social Rights and Ethics Charter along with a memorandum for its application
The management of Air France KLM and the EWC signed, on July 10, a new social rights and ethics charter, which it just released and which replaces that of 2008.  The new text strengthens commitments regarding subcontractors.  The same days, the same parties signed a memorandum completing the Charter to improve its application.  (Ref.  130613)
European Framework Agreement
26 June 2013
Air France/KLM: new European agreement regarding the outstation and commercial organization in Europe
Air France/KLM management and EWC signed, on June 12, 2013, a framework agreement regarding the outstation and commercial organization in Europe (except France and the Netherlands).  Almost identical to the text it renews, the agreement is based on the same scheme: respecting autonomy at local level to study the impact of economic and technological change on outstations, but sending these studies’ conclusions to the EWC, to provide it with “the opportunity to address concerns in advance of the implementation...
European Framework Agreement
28 November 2012
Rheinmetall: new European framework agreement on health management
Negotiations supervised by IndustriAll.  Rheinmetall AG set up its European Works Council (EWC) in 2000.  Before the summer, it signed a “European Framework Agreement on Health Management,” its second European text since it signed a Code of Conduct in 2003 with its EWC.  “The initiative came from the EWC which suggested extending an agreement on the protection of labor, negotiated at the level of the auto industry.  In any case, all the European subsidiaries wanted to work on the theme of health”...
European Framework Agreement