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EWC agreements and recast directive

Here, all EWC agreements renewed or signed on the basis of the new, recast Diretive (2009/48), commented by Planet Labor’s experts

31 March 2020
France: court decision interprets a clause of an EWC agreement providing for a minimum number of seats for non-French delegates
If a clause of an agreement establishing a European Works Council provides for a minimum representation of delegates from countries other than that of the parent company, does this imply that there can be no additional representatives from those countries? A decision handed down on 28 January 2020 by the Court of Paris, based on the principle of balanced representation provided for in the European Works Council directive and the intention of the parties, states that this clause sets a minimum for representation,...
EWC agreements and recast directive
26 June 2019
BEL: an agreement that puts a European Works Council in place
On 20 June, cheese group Bel (which employs just over 5,500 across Europe) along with the SNB and with assistance from EFFAT (European Federation of Trade Unions in the Food, Agriculture and Tourism sectors), signed an agreement for the putting in place of a European Works Council. In terms of geographical scope the agreement includes Ukraine as well as Switzerland in the EWC’s remit and intends to maintain UK representatives under a no-deal Brexit scenario. Information will commence with a notice detailing the...
EWC agreements and recast directive
2 May 2019
Korian: signs agreement to establish an EWC
On 29 April 2019, Korian, a leading French multinational provider of medical and non-medical care and support services for the elderly and people with short or longer-term health issues across a European network of 6 countries and more than 52,000 workers, signed an agreement with the European Federation of Public Service Unions (EPSU) body to establish a European Works Council (EWC), making this the first EWC to have been established in the sector that cares for the elderly and people with disabilities. The agreement is now a benchmark reference, firstly because it is the first in a sector that is set to grow, and secondly because the EWC...
EWC agreements and recast directive
19 March 2019
Solvay: agreement to maintain the UK within the scope of group’s EWC
The management at the Belgian chemicals group and members of its European Works Council have decided that “considering the importance of social dialogue in the company, the continuity should prevail and therefore the two current seats occupied by Solvay UK employees’ representatives shall remain, with equal rights and status, part of the Solvay EWC.” This decision comes as part of an amendment to the group’s EWC agreement, agreed on 15 March.
EWC agreements and recast directive
1 October 2018
Inditex: European works council set up
At the start of last week, the Inditex group, which owns clothing brands such as Zara, Massimo Dutti and Pull & Bear, penned an agreement regarding the creation of a European works council (EWC). The deal was negotiated with UNI Europa, the European services workers’ union, and contains a number of innovative measures, such as specific provisions on the links that the EWC is to have with national bodies.
EWC agreements and recast directive
26 July 2018
EU: evaluation study on the implementation of Directive 2009/38/EC on the establishment of a European Works Council is now available online
The European Commission has finally made its evaluation study on the implementation of recast Directive 2009/38/EC on the establishment of a European Works Council available online. The report had been set to serve as the basis for EU Commission work on the topic. A certain number of the study’s elements, which some say are now outdated since the report dates back to 2016, are worthy...
EWC agreements and recast directive
20 June 2018
Asahi Breweries Europe Group: agreement to establish an EWC
On 06 June and following months of negotiations involving support from the European Federation of Trade Unions in the Food, Agriculture and Tourism (EFFAT), Asahi Breweries Europe Group (ABEG), which operates solely in central Europe together with the SNB of the Asahi Breweries Europe Group secured an agreement that establishes an EWC for the ABEG subsidiary.
EWC agreements and recast directive
28 February 2018
General Electric puts a EWC structure in place comprising a central committee and business committees to fit GE’s multiple business operations companies structure
These EWC negotiations had a number of goals, not least to learn from the GE acquisition of Alstom’s energy business and provide representation for all European employees within the group’s multiple companies, as compared with the previous situation where some Industrial Divisions had separate EWCs. The agreement was signed on 23 February.
EWC agreements and recast directive
16 February 2018
Cargill: agreement signed on the establishment of an EWC, under 2009 directive
The agreement establishing the European Works Council at Cargill was signed on 7 February by the US food and agriculture corporation. The anticipation agreement that previously governed the functioning of the EWC was abandoned by representatives of European staff in November 2015. As EFFAT, the European Federation of Food, Agriculture and Tourism Trade Unions, said in a statement on 14 February, negotiations over the latest deal proved lengthy. That said, the federation can be pleased with the outcome, as the...
EWC agreements and recast directive