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Four-day working week

27 October 2021
The four-day working week is gaining ground
Already trialled since 2015 in Iceland, the shortened work week is becoming more popular. While private sector companies around the world are now testing the concept, several states are also seeking to generalize this idea nationwide in order to boost productivity and foster the post-Covid-19 recovery, while continuing to promote worker well-being. Although reduced working hours without a corresponding salary reduction is the currently preferred option, other variations are also emerging.
Four-day working week
14 September 2021
Spain: Telefónica organizes a gradual return to on-site working ahead of the implementation of its new hybrid work arrangements
Management at Telefónica together with the CCOO and UGT trade unions have agreed on terms for employees to start gradually returning to the office as of 27 September. The agreement provides that employees will be able to continue working remotely 60% of the time, i.e. 3 days per week, during a transition period that concludes on 31 December 2021. At the same time, the Spanish telecommunications operator will also, and again until the end of the year, trial a shorter four-day working week, where employees on these...
Four-day working week hybrid work
13 September 2021
Spain: Desigual plans to adopt four-day working week with a corresponding reduction in salary
Spain’s fashion brand Desigual is offering staff a reduction working hours by one day in exchange for a 6.5% cut in salary. The working hours offer applies to the 502 employees of the head office (from a total of 2,700 people) while excluding in-store, commercial, and logistics services sales staff. The employees concerned will vote on the new move on 07 October, and if at least 66% vote in favour then the new work organization will be implemented. In the period running up to the vote, employees have an...
Four-day working week
28 June 2021
Japan: government proposes four-day week
In its annual economic policy programme, which was unveiled on 18 June, the Japanese government formally recommended an “optional” four-day working week. The intention is not only to free up time for those who want to take up training or change professions, but also to allow people to better divide their time between leisure, family, friends and work.
Four-day working week
5 November 2019
Japan : Microsoft 4-day working week trial to promote ‘life choices at work’ and speed up changing attitudes
Over the course of August 2019, the 2,300 staff at Microsoft’s Japanese headquarters tried out working on a 4-day per week basis, when they worked for four consecutive days and did not work on Fridays, Saturdays, or Sundays (Microsoft statement here – in Japanese). The trial run was part of the company’s ‘summer challenge’, aimed at improving work-life balance, and that included funding support depending on how workers invested in their free time activities. For instance, funding was available for those...
Four-day working week