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Global Framework Agreements

18 July 2019
Orange: global agreement on making gender equality a priority within the Orange group
On 17 July Orange together with the international services union federation Uni Global, and the Orange Union Alliance (that brings together union organizations represented within the Orange group, c.f. article No. 070469) signed its third global agreement ‘promoting workplace gender equality, combatting discrimination and violence, and promoting work-life balance.’ This new agreement seeks to ensure occupational gender equality, tackle discrimination and violence, and promote work-life balance especially by...
Global Framework Agreements
9 July 2019
Renault: signs a global framework agreement on the quality of life at work for its employees
This global framework agreement, which was signed on 09 July by the French automaker Renault Group along with IndustriALL Global Union, the Secretary of the Renault Group Works Council (a global council) and the trade union bodies represented within it, is in fact quite unique. Entitled, ‘Building the world of work together at Renault Group’, Renault’s second global framework agreement (its first was signed in 2013 and addressed fundamental rights at work, c.f. article No. 130445) comes at a time when the...
Disconnect Global Framework Agreements Quality of working life
13 May 2019
Unilever: joint commitment signed with IndustriALL Global Union and the IUF to guarantee rights of temporary workers and promote sustainable employment
IndustriALL Global Union, the IUF (International Union of Food, Agricultural, Hotel, Restaurant, Catering, Tobacco and Allied Workers’ Associations), and Unilever have signed an agreement to limit the use of temporary workers and protect permanent jobs in Unilever factories. The Joint Commitment on Sustainable Employment in Unilever Manufacturing sets out principles and...
Global Framework Agreements
18 April 2019
Solvay: 2019 renewal of the Global agreement on Performance Sharing Program
On 05 April 2019, Belgian chemical company Solvay together with its global social dialogue body, the Solvay Global Forum (c.f. article No. 10248), signed an agreement over the 2019 budget and goals for the group’s Global Performance Sharing Program, which depend both on financial objectives and sustainable development goals. This marks the fifth global plan that Solvay has entered into with its international social partners.
Global Framework Agreements
5 February 2019
Société Générale renews the global agreement with UNI Global Union on fundamental rights
On 04 February, Société Générale together with UNI Global Union renewed their global agreement on fundamental rights. This new version explicitly addresses the role of the international trade union federation in terms of French Duty of Care legislation for corporates, and add two new pillars, namely, combatting discrimination and developing workplace diversity, health and safety and wellbeing to that of freedom of association, which was comprehensively developed in the first 2015 agreement (c.f. article No....
Global Framework Agreements
22 January 2019
Global framework agreement update (UniCredit, Meliá Hotels)
On 22 January 2019, in a press released published the same day (here), Italian financial services company UniCredit  announced the signature with UNI Global Union of a Global agreement that secures human and labor rights as well as responsible, sustainable sales practices for the bank’s 147,000 employees in 22 countries.’ This landmark agreement concluded by the Italian banking group includes responsible sales protection (fair, transparent, sustainable employee sales targets and financial products that meet...
Global Framework Agreements
8 January 2019
H&M and IndustriALL Global together secure a global dispute resolution mechanism
IndustriALL Global’s Global Framework Agreement (GFA) is unique in that it comprises National Monitoring Committees (NMC) that are made up of representatives from unions and company management and that are tasked with implementing the GFA at local level. During the NMCs second global meeting held between 10 and 12 December 2018 in the Cambodian capital Phnom Penh, the attendees reached agreement on a set of recommendations to resolve any disputes that may arise from implementing the GFA.
Global Framework Agreements
3 October 2018
Carrefour: global framework agreement renewed
On 03 October the French multinational retailer renewed its 2015 global framework agreement struck with Uni Global Union (see our article n°9283). In this agreement that both Carrefour CEO Alexandre Bompard, and the secretary general of the international union federation Christy Hoffman signed, the parties commit to promoting a common shared declaration formulated by the European works council on violence towards women.
Global Framework Agreements