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Global Framework Agreements

12 April 2007
Staedtler: signing of an international framework agreement
Subcontracting. All such provisions must also be respected by suppliers and subcontractors. The group undertakes to collaborate only with parties accepting the agreement and applying the provisions stated in the contracts of new business partners, who must complete a questionnaire evaluating conformity to the provisions of the agreement.
Global Framework Agreements
22 December 2006
France Telecom : international framework agreement on fundamental rights signed
France Telecom will be particularly attentive to the prevention of forced work, to the prohibition of child labour and the exploitation of children, to health and job security, to the respect of membership, or not, of a union organisation and to the promotion of  collective social dialogue with the unions and/or workers’ representatives. With regard to issues such as combating all forms of compulsory and forced labour, forbidding child work and eschewing all forms of discrimination, the agreement emphasizes...
Global Framework Agreements
4 December 2006
PSA Peugeot-Citroën : international agreement on social responsibility is ratified
Management of the French automobile constructor PSA has informed that the international framework agreement (IFA) on the group’s social responsibility is now ratified. It has entered into force in ten countries where the group employs more than 500 employees. Only one member of the International Metalworkers’ Federation (IMF) has refused to sign : the French CGT. (Ref. 061223)
Global Framework Agreements