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Global Framework Agreements

22 June 2017
Sodexo: signs a global agreement with the IUF over preventing sexual harassment at work
In line with the direction set in the international framework agreement signed by both Sodexo and the IUF in December 2011 on commitments to respect fundamental rights at work, namely freedom of association and collective bargaining that provided for a continual and progressive dialogue between Sodexo management, Sodexo employee representatives and the IUF (c.f. article No. 11077), the parties have signed a second agreement this time on the prevention of sexual harassment at work.
Global Framework Agreements
8 March 2017
PSA Group: renewal of its global CSR agreement
On 07 March the French carmaker together with the union federations IndustriAll Global and industriAll European Trade Union signed a new global CSR agreement and with it the PSA Group has crossed a new threshold in so far as it includes stronger commitments for value chains and intends for the implementation of a risk prevention due diligence plan. Furthermore it strongly focuses on developing competences and to this end relies on the rollout of its international HR policy. Finally, the company is adopting a...
Global Framework Agreements
3 February 2017
Solvay: renewal of global framework agreement with IndustriAll Global Union boosts group’s social and diversity policy
The global framework agreement between Solvay and IndustriAll places greater social demands on the chemical company, such as having more women in leadership roles by 2020, integrating the OECD’s guidelines on multinationals, or indeed stricter demands on contracts with suppliers as regards the respect of workers’ rights. Signed on 3 February by Jean-Pierre Clamadieu, chief executive officer of Solvay, and Valter Sanches, IndustriAll’s general secretary, the new framework agreement will have a prolonged...
Global Framework Agreements
2 November 2016
Man and Scania secure an agreement safeguarding jobs at global level until 2026
How does one have two companies in the same business sector and in the same business group collaborate together whilst still securing jobs for both and quieting workers concerns? Volkswagen Truck & Bus and its unions grappled with this question and came up with an answer on 28 September via an agreement struck with its global forum (the commercial vehicles committee). The agreement draws on similar arrangements already in operation in Germany and aims to optimize synergies between both MAN and Scania whilst...
Global Framework Agreements