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Global Framework Agreements

26 April 2016
Inditex: the fashion retail group is turning to union experts for assistance in implementing the global framework agreement on fundamental rights along its supply chain
On 25 April the Spanish fashion retail giant and the international union federation IndustriALL Global signed a global agreement that will deploy trade union experts per country or region who will contribute to better enforcement of the existing 2007 Global Framework Agreement (GFA) subsequently renewed in 2014 (c.f. article No. 8513) on fundamental labor rights along the supply chain....
Global Framework Agreements
14 April 2016
Solvay: a new Global Performance Sharing Program
On 04 March, Solvay signed an agreement with the company’s Solvay Global Forum (its global forum for social dialogue) over the 2016 budget and goals for the Global Performance Sharing Program. The program relies on economic targets as well as sustainable development targets. It is the second global program that the Belgian chemicals company has signed with its international social partners (for information on the first program c.f. article No. 9106).
Global Framework Agreements
15 March 2016
Danone signs a global framework agreement on sustainable employment
On 15 March the giant food-products company together with the sector’s international union federation, the IUF, International Union of Food and Allied workers, announced the signing of a tenth global agreement, with this one focusing on jobs stability. All of the group’s subsidiaries are set to define a framework and methodologies in a bid to reduce unstable employment. 
Global Framework Agreements
28 January 2016
Unilever: joint declaration in conjunction with the international trade unions UITA and IndustriALL to prevent sexual harassment
Signed on 26 January by the agro-industry union federations, UITA and the industrial federation IndustriALL Global this declaration included commitments to tackle sexual harassment together via the implementation of complaints procedures as well as awareness and training programs. The declaration also intends for specific measures at each workplace identified as being particularly at risk (especially in plantations).
Global Framework Agreements
12 October 2015
Carrefour: the global agreement on promoting social dialogue, fundamental rights, and diversity aims to establish “a mindset of respect for humans throughout all countries” and to promote “awareness” about fundamental rights amongst Carrefour’s partners
Mathilde Tabary, Director for Social Development and Diversity and Jean-Luc Delenne, Director for Industrial Relations each reply to questions by Planet Labor on the agreement signed by Carrefour on 30 September with the international union federation UNI...
Global Framework Agreements
2 October 2015
Carrefour: signs an international framework agreement (IFA) on social dialogue and diversity
Carrefour, represented by Georges Plassat, its Chairman and CEO, together with Philip Jennings, General Secretary of UNI GLOBAL Union, and in the presence of Guy Ryder, Director-General of the ILO, signed an IFA promoting social dialogue, diversity and respect for fundamental labor rights both within the French group and amongst the group’s suppliers and franchisees.
Global Framework Agreements