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Managing the fallout of Covid-19

You will find here all the Planet Labor articles covering the initiatives of public authorities and social partners as they seek to manage the economic and social repercussions of the coronavirus outbreak.

26 February 2020
Italy: government facilitates smart-working in 6 Northern Italy regions that are battling with the coronavirus outbreak
A new Ministerial decree gives employers in six northern regions recourse to agile working arrangements for their employees, even in the absence of individual written agreements as intended by the Law 81, 2017 that regulates smart-working. The decree is valid until 15 March and the regions concerned are: Lombardy, Veneto, Piedmont, Liguria, Emilia-Romagna and Friuli. The decree also applies to all employees living in the six regions but working outside of these. The statement from the Labor Ministry from 26...
Managing the fallout of Covid-19
25 February 2020
Italy: businesses in virus-risk Milan reorganize work via smart working
Milan’s public transport system is almost deserted and its streets are as quiet as during the holiday month of August; in short the city is just about as far from its usual bustling frenzy as is possible to imagine. Measures being implemented to contain the Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak in the Lombardy region of the country are making life challenging for the region’s businesses. While all business activity is halted in the designated ‘red zones’ (virus cluster areas comprising 10 town-lands in the...
Managing the fallout of Covid-19