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Remote work regulations

Keep abreast of regulatory changes for remote working with our articles (published here) on both reforms and planned reforms to legislation governing remote working following the health crisis.

2 July 2020
Chile: legislation on remote working comes into force
While in neighbouring Argentina, legislation regulating remote working is currently under parliamentary examination (Congress adopted the bill on 25 June), Chile’s law regulating this form of work, which was adopted in March (c.f. article No.11782) came into force on 01 July. Below we detail various aspects including compliance with and derogation from the rules on working time, the right to disconnect from work, and payment for expenses.
Remote work regulations
25 June 2020
EU: coronavirus pandemic driving momentum for initiatives on the right to disconnect from work
Already in the European Parliament pipeline since the end of 2019, the right to disconnect (from work) has received an additional fillip amid the coronavirus pandemic. On 22 June, the social partners adopted a framework agreement on digitalization, which refers in broad terms to ‘arrangements for connection and disconnection’ (c.f. article No. 12016). However for the trade unions, the EU needs to go further and adopt new rules. The European Parliament is expected to adopt a non-legislative resolution on the...
Remote work regulations
24 June 2020
Argentina: legislation being prepared to regulate telework
Once drafted by the Congress Labor Committee, the text (the necessity for which both government and opposition parties agree) could be examined during the next parliamentary session (still to be set). This initiative has government support and has seen its scheduling being fast-tracked due to the coronavirus crisis. As such the parliamentary committee has organized several hearings with the social partners to exchange on arrangements for framing this form of professional activity (working) and with the hope of...
Remote work regulations
8 June 2020
Spain: public consultation launched to prepare upcoming bills regulating remote working and work through online platforms
On 6 June, Spain’s ministry of labour launched a consultation ahead of the drafting of two bills. The consultation forms part of preparatory work for legislation on new forms of work that are currently subject to limited regulation. The consultation is open to public participation and can be accessed via a portal set up by the ministry. Open until 22 June, it will gather input from stakeholders in the area, from individuals to the organisations and associations that are most representative of the people whose...
Remote work regulations
8 June 2020
France: social partners commence talks on remote working without a common goal
Following for calls from several trade union organisations for a review of the standards governing remote working, in order to draw lessons from this unprecedented period and improve the conditions for those who work remotely, employers have agreed to engage in discussions. The first meeting took place on 5 June (by videoconference) and resulted in a schedule for talks. Three new dates were set: 19 June, 2 July and 2 September. A fourth meeting is expected to take place in September. What are the prospects? There...
Remote work regulations
28 May 2020
Colombia: a proposed law on the right to disconnect in the wake of the coronavirus crisis
A bill on the right to digital disconnection and respect for the boundaries between work and personal life was tabled this week in Colombia’s House of Representatives. The legislation provides that every company, regardless of size, must implement a policy on disconnection, ‘in agreement with the workers,’ which must define how this right is to be exercised and guaranteed, and provide for a digital disconnection protocol regarding ICT use in the workplace that respects working time | rest time boundaries,...
Managing the fallout of Covid-19 Remote work regulations
15 May 2020
Spain: government prepares framework for remote working
Yolanda Diaz, Spain’s labour minister, has announced the upcoming presentation of a legislative framework to govern the practice of remote working, setting out how working time can be monitored, rest conditions, as well as the right to work-life balance and to disconnect. According to the labour minister, the aim is to ratify ILO Convention 177 and to amend article 13 of the Spanish workers’ statute, in order to provide a better framework for working conditions and guarantee employee rights.
Managing the fallout of Covid-19 Remote work regulations
27 April 2020
Germany: disagreement over creation of ‘right’ to work remotely
When presenting an array of plans to modernise the world of work last September, Germany’s minister of employment and social affairs Hubertus Heil (of the SPD) announced his intention to draft a law that would enshrine employees’ right to work remotely (see article n°10964). At the weekend, the minister clarified his schedule; he plans to present the bill by the coming autumn at the latest. “All those who wish to do so, and whose jobs allow it, should have the right to work from home, including when the...
Remote work regulations
31 March 2020
Chile: promulgation of the ‘distance work and telework law’
More than eighteen months after its initial drafting, the coronavirus pandemic alongside the outlook for a serious nationwide economic and social crisis have provided the necessary impetus for the definitive adoption on 23 March of legislation modifying the country’s Labor Code that regulates and supervizes distance work. The new law was officially  published on 26 March (here) and comes into effect within 30 days.
Remote work regulations
3 October 2019
Belgium: a banking sector agreement that focuses on training and teleworking
On 30 September, Belgium’s banking sector social partners including Febelfin (employers’ federation), and the CGSLB, FGTB, and CSC trade unions bodies signed an agreement that will apply to almost 51,000 working in the banking sector. As with the previous agreement, the joint sector Committee (CP 310) focused on the issues of purchasing power, training and end-of-career. Among its new directions are the right to disconnect and teleworking.
Remote work regulations