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Remote work regulations

Keep abreast of regulatory changes for remote working with our articles (published here) on both reforms and planned reforms to legislation governing remote working following the health crisis.

31 March 2020
Chile: promulgation of the ‘distance work and telework law’
More than eighteen months after its initial drafting, the coronavirus pandemic alongside the outlook for a serious nationwide economic and social crisis have provided the necessary impetus for the definitive adoption on 23 March of legislation modifying the country’s Labor Code that regulates and supervizes distance work. The new law was officially  published on 26 March (here) and comes into effect within 30 days.
Remote work regulations
3 October 2019
Belgium: a banking sector agreement that focuses on training and teleworking
On 30 September, Belgium’s banking sector social partners including Febelfin (employers’ federation), and the CGSLB, FGTB, and CSC trade unions bodies signed an agreement that will apply to almost 51,000 working in the banking sector. As with the previous agreement, the joint sector Committee (CP 310) focused on the issues of purchasing power, training and end-of-career. Among its new directions are the right to disconnect and teleworking.
Remote work regulations
14 January 2019
Germany: freedom to work remotely may become a right
Workers in Germany are increasingly demanding the right to work from home, as people consider the opportunity to work in complete independence and concentration, to avoid traffic jams and achieve a better work-life balance. However, this flexible work arrangement is not very commonplace in the country. According to weekly news magazine Der Spiegel, Björn Böhning of the SPD party, and secretary of state at Germany’s employment ministry, would like to alter the situation and introduce the right to remote work....
Remote work regulations